Complaints Policy

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Complaints Policy

Complaints received by Complainants

The Company aims to provide customers with a comprehensive and satisfactory reply in the shortest time possible. The Complaints Officers will work with the complainant to resolve the complaint case as soon as possible (it is also a forwarded complaints when received as refer to the complaints forwarding rules of DISP), within 3 working days. In most cases they will resolve complaints within 15 working days (a requirement mentioned in PSRs). They will provide the outcome of our investigations, the reasons of decision will be taken in a written format (i.e. email or letter if applicable). In exceptional circumstances, we may take up to a maximum of 35 working days. A written acknowledgement will be issued to the complainant and mid-term updates will be sent to the complainant if any exceptional circumstances.

Please be advised that the customer should email to "" the following details :

Name, Customer email address (if you are a customer of incard), Date of the issue, Description of the issue, Impact to you, Suggestion to us, Notes to us.

Free of charges

Basically, complaints are free of charges.

Unresolved complaints within timeframes

If the Company fails to provide a response to the Complainant or fails to resolve the complaint within 15 working days, the Complaints Officers may advise the Complainant that he/she has the right to refer the complaint to the FOS free of charge within six months of our response. The FOS’s contact details are:

•      Telephone: +44 20 7964 0500

•      Email: 

•      Website: 

The Complaints are also able to refer to the complaint via the ODR platform